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Marvin S. Douglas Jr. is the CEO & Founder Of 1nbusiness Corporation™, Featuring; “The Trillionaires Club™,” Using The “12 Tribes Secret = You = Success,” System! 

Our Success System which has been providing  Members/Clients with services and consulting solutions designed to work in tandem with every type and variety of  Member/Client Marketing, System since 1973. 

Business Consultant And Project Manager In The United States;  Members/Clients  throughout Global Markets, can all optimize their Marketing Skills and Techniques Using The “12 Tribes Secret = You = Success,” System, and our services. 

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 Strive For Marketing Perfection, And Achieve Progress! 

By “Joining The Trillionaires Club™,” consulting and Using The “12 Tribes Secret = You = Success,” System, and our services.   

You shall receive Coaching, Mentoring, Training, and Development, from like-minded people, which shall generate a higher financial bottom line for you, provided you follow our instructions to the letter. 

Enjoy excess profits, upscale Your business, and personal life. 

Our contracted Partners Combine their experience and consultant expertise with ours, through using hours of study and researching different training regimens. 

Training regimens which shall assist all of our club members to utilize these same well tested proven structured, proven successful, professional services to succeed. 

Optimize Marketing Solutions


 The Trillionaires Club™ Members/Clients shall learn how to optimize their marketing,  

Using The “12 Tribes Secret = You = Success,” System, and our services.  

They shall learn how to structure deals, raise capital, save on taxes, and flip paper contracts. 

Additionally, how to flip businesses, all the while prospering in up or down global markets! 

Consulting Members/Clients shall collectively acquire and purchase, ownership in real estate, stay at resorts, rent luxury vehicles, travel on corporate jets using group discounts on their corporate accounts, by together acquiring blocks of services from reputable vendors, as they and we negotiate deals to grow their businesses around the markets of the world. 

Together as a part of our consultancy team, “members in training” shall purchase homes and commercial buildings and timeshares for business use. While at the same time repairing and restoring poor FICO credit scores to higher, more desirable levels.