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1nbusiness™ Marketing/Consulting Corporation was Founded by Marvin S. Douglas Jr. our Consultants train you to Consult too!

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Marvin S. Douglas Jr. CEO & Founder Of 1nbusiness Corporation™, 
Featuring; "The Trillionaires Club,

 Marvin S. Douglas Jr. is the CEO & Founder Of 1nbusiness Corporation™, Featuring; "The Trillionaires Club™," Using The "12 Tribes Secret = You = Success," System which has been providing clients with services and consulting solutions designed to work in tandem with every type and variety of Marketing, including Political Campaigns since 1977. Business Consultant And Project Manager In The United States; clients throughout Global Markets,  can optimize their Marketing Skills and Techniques with our services. Book A Consultation With Our Agency. 

Service #2


Strive For Marketing Perfection, And Achieve Progress By “Joining The Trillionaires Club™,” consulting under our corporate one entity umbrella, as a Charter Member and receive Coaching, Mentoring, Training, and Development, from like-minded people, which shall generate a higher financial bottom line. They will enjoy excess profits, to upscale their businesses and personal lives. Our contracted Partners Combine their experience and consultant expertise with ours, through using hours of study and researching different training regimens, which can assist all our club members to utilize these same well tested proven structured, proven successful, professional services.

Service #3


 The Trillionaires Club™ Members/Clients shall learn how to optimise their marketing, structure deals, raise capital, save on taxes, flip paper contracts, Additionally, how to flip businesses, all the while prospering in up or down global markets! Consulting Members/Clients shall collectively acquire and purchase, ownership in real estate, stay at resorts, rent luxury vehicles, travel on corporate jets using group discounts on their corporate accounts, by together acquiring blocks of services from reputable vendors, as they and we negotiate deals to grow their businesses around the world market. Together as consultant team “members in training” shall purchase homes and commercial buildings and timeshares for business use, while at the same time repairing and restoring poor FICO credit scores to higher more desirable levels.


Site Content For Our "The Trillionaires Club™” Membership

1NBUSINESS™ CORPORATION; The Trillionaires Club™, using the 12 Tribes Secret =You= Success® System!

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about  1nbusiness™ Corporation, And “The Trillionaires Club™” Using The “12 Tribes Secret =You= Success®,” System, by its mission statement. Our mission is to provide  

Members under our corporate umbrella as one entity, Coaching, Mentoring, Training, and Development, from like-minded people, which shall generate a higher financial bottom line, and they and they shall enjoy excess profits, to upscale their businesses and their personal lives. That drives our Corporation to do what it does, and describes why we do it as well!

Corporate policies – There are Corporate policies that are particularly important to our Business Clients successes. Perhaps our unlimited secrecy policy has endeared Clients to the 1nbusiness™ Corporation, and why they trust our services. There are measures that are common to all businesses, which is the reason all clients must take our training, and sign our non-disclosure/non-compete agreements.

Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. The good faces above show off who’s occupying the corner offices. We did not write a nice bio about each of our Executives that includes total details about what they do, or how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are. However we can tell you that we cannot live without them, and it would violate our secrecy policy!

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Moreover, we will provide a day by day hour by hour content-rich, intensive Business, Management, Marketing, Branding, Real Estate, Political Consulting, Investments and an all hands-on, comprehensive Financial Services, Educational Training Programs System. Which subtitled under “The Trillionaires Club™,” is the ideal educational system of business skill sets, training, tools, coaching, and mentorship. 

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We, Will, Help You Define And Detail Your Services


If your marketing customers can’t find you, you don’t exist. We shall clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, we'll be sure to showcase all of your consulting premium consultant services.

We, Will, Help You Announce Upcoming Events


Are You having a big marketing sale, on-site celebrity consultant, or other events? Be sure to announce it, so everybody knows and gets excited about consulting 

We, Will, Help You Display Your Recent Testimonials


When your marketing clients are raving about your consulting on social media? 

Ask them to share their great consultant stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

We, Will, Help You Promote Your Current Deals


Are you running a holiday marketing sale or weekly special? Definitely promote consulting here to get clients and customers excited about getting a consultant deal.

We, Will, Help You Promote And Share The Big News


Have you opened a new marketing location, redesigned your business, added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let our consultant guide your consulting clients, you know, by offering a $1.00 trail consulting session.

We, Will, Help You Display Your FAQs


Your marketing Customers have questions, and you have a consultancy with consultant answers. 

Allow us to reply to their most frequently asked consulting questions, so everybody benefits.

 They will gladly stay and pay!

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Become A Contracted Agent


The Trillionaires Club posted a W-9/W-8BEN Contractor Consultant Position.

Published by Marvin Douglas Jr. · March 18, 2019, This Is A Management  Consulting Position. 

*International Marketing Directors (IMD), Trainee Contractor, Client/Owner/Broker/Partner Duties Are, And As Assigned, Managing National Marketing Directors.

*National Marketing Directors (NMD), Trainee Contractor, Client/Owner/Broker/Partner Duties Are, And As Assigned, Managing Regional Marketing Directors.

(NMD): Is Responsible For Hiring 12 RMD Contractors On W-9 Contracts. Training Those 12 As Regional Marketing Directors. Learning The 12 Tribes Secret = You = Success® System!

• National Marketing Directors (NMD), Trainee Contractor, Client/Owner/Broker/Partner Shall Work With The Assistance Of Their Field Trainer And International Marketing Director, Recruit, Cultivate, And Instruct, Agents, To Administrate Agents.

• National Marketing Directors (NMD), Trainee Contractor, Client/Owner/Broker/Partner Shall Be Accountable For Introducing Our Brand Concept, System, Mission, And Vision.

• National Marketing Directors (NMD), Trainee Contractor, Client/Owner/Broker/Partner Shall Train Teams Of Highly Skilled, Self-Motivated Licensed Producers With Multicultural, Diverse Educational Backgrounds, With Corporate Level And Military Training.

• National Marketing Directors (NMD), Trainee Contractor, Client/Owner/Broker/Partner Shall Mentor, And Motivate Skilled Marketing Directors, Self-Starters, Project Managers, And Human Resource Leaders, And Entrepreneurs With Sound Experience.

• National Marketing Directors (NMD), Trainee Contractor, Client/Owner/Broker/Partner Shall Lead Mortgage, And Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Producers, Adjusters, Auditors, Controllers, Managers, Teachers, Educators, And Financial Services Employees.

• National Marketing Directors (NMD), Trainee, Contractor, Client/Owner/Brokers/Partner Shall Direct And Coach Agents, Marketing Associates, Proposed Associates, Life And Security Licensed Agents, And All Their Referral Personnel.

Education And Experience:

• Experience Shall Be Weighted Using Various Factors Including The Successful Completion Of A Background Investigation. We, However Are An Equal Opportunity Employer, And Will Consider Each Candidate Based On Their Own Merits Including Ex-Convicts.

• Each Candidate Under Certain Circumstances, And On An Individual Basis Must Qualify For The Position And When Required Qualify And Pass All Training And State-Administered License Examinations For Insurance, Real Estate, Financial Services Licenses, And Tests.

• All Candidates Are Required To Complete A One Week On Location, And A Twelve-Week Field-Training Period, Also Ours And Our Partners' Education Programs, Online Courses, Learn Our Corporate Overview, Vision, Mission, And Attend Orientation All In Person Online Or On Location, This Will Determine Your Eligibility.

W-9 Contractor Positions

All Prospects Must Complete A Comprehensive Field-Training Project, And All Written Tests With Passing Results, And Good Trainer Evaluations In All Categories. You Must Be Available To Travel And Qualify For Specific Licensing If Your Position Assignment Requires It. 

Our Average Minimum Age Is 21.

All Candidates Must Also; Interview By Video Online, Or On The Phone, Using Facebook Messenger, What's App, Or Skype, Notifications Of Interviews Will Be Posted Through Facebook Messages;

1. Contract With 1nbusiness™ Corporation, And Join “The Trillionaires Club™,” And Then Incorporate Your Business, And Implement Our System, "12 Tribes Secret Equals You Equals Success.”

A. Complete The Nondisclosure/Noncompete Agreement And A W-9 And Be Nationally Located.

B. Follow The 1nbusiness™ Success Formula, To The Letter.

2. Contract With Companies Associated With 1nbusiness™ For Training, And Additional Income On A Small Fee Per Person Basis, Usually Less Than A Few Dollars.

Welcome To The Greatest Wealth Creation System In The History Of Mankind, “The Trillionaires Club™,” Using; The “12 Tribes Secret Equals You Equals Success®,” System.

*Contracting With The 1nbusiness™ Corporation, Is A Management Position Only!

Apply Now;

The Trillionaires Club Marketing Directors 

CONTRACT · $71,000/YEAR · 


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